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Breaking the


Listening  to the WHOLE person...including WHO and WHAT is important to them and WHY

Promoting Behavioral HEALTH by focusing on PREVENTION

Continuum Care Services, Inc.

Our Mission: To create OPPORTUNITY for positive change through education, safety, compassion, and self-determination. 

The VISION of Continuum Care Services, Inc. is:

To be viewed as an organization that genuinely cares. To impress our genuineness, leaving lasting impressions created by opportunities that you do not expect. We have established A VISION with clear goals.

For our patients, we will:

  • Create a "zero negativity" culture
  • Commit to providing you with essential tools to perform your duties at the highest level, thus creating an opportunity for you to develop your job into a career

For our community, we will:

  • Commit to promoting quality care
  • Focus on giving back and equipping others to do the same

For our Systems of Care, we will:

  • Commit to collaboratively saying "yes" when others say "no" – Take a solution-focused approach to care.