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Breaking the


Listening  to the WHOLE person...including WHO and WHAT is important to them and WHY

Promoting Behavioral HEALTH by focusing on PREVENTION

Continuum Care Services, Inc.

If you or someone you know has EVER:

  • Experienced significant stress or worry?
  • Avoided social activities including withdrawal from family and friends?
  • Experienced frequent trouble sleeping?
  • Felt traumatized?
  • Felt unaccepted or rejected?
  • Experienced low-self esteem?
  • Hurt/been hurt by someone physically and/or emotionally?
  • Tried to be something that you're NOT just to please someone else?
  • Taken a drug or medication that you didn't need?
  • Lied to your self or others because it was easier than telling the truth?
  • Experienced unhealthy thought patterns that led to negative behavior?
  • Experienced difficulty coping with a life-changing event?
  • Questioned your family mental health or substance use history?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're aware that these experiences are impacting your life RIGHT NOW. Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. We're listening. You are not alone and YOU'RE NOT "CRAZY". Learn to COPE with all that life has thrown your way. 

At Continuum Care Services, our team is concerned about your heart AND YOUR MIND. We want to help you discover who and what is important to you and WHY. Contact us today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION including a non-physical pain assessment and 15-minute mini-evaluation.

You're NOT crazy. Learn what it is and how to manage NON-PHYSICAL PAIN .

Discover the"hurt" ... and learn to let it GO!